City, Population 13,574

A bustling trade hub situated on the intersection of the rivers Chionthar and Reaching. The city hub houses about 8,000, while the immediate surrounding farmlands hold another 5,500 or so.

Leadership: The city is ruled by a rotating council of 6, consisting of 3 senior members and 3 part-time subordinates from the community. The part time members only serve an average of one day a week, but are fully active and voting members with regards to major discussions. Elections are held every three years, and the entire populace is able to participate in the democratic process.

The last such election occured last year, though they saw the loss of a previous senior councilman, Jaden Tor, who died in a fire that consumed nearly four city blocks about six months back. By unanimous election of the remaining five members, Zidelle was elected in his place. She was a long-residing guest at his home due to the lengthy and oft-occuring renovations of her own residence, and was witness to the fire, barely able to escape with her own life. In the wake of this, it was decided to move the council into residence in City Hall.

The population is fairly content with the leadership for the most part, though they oppose the recent initiatives that have begun to see the cities and towns in the area surrender their traditional local autonomy in favor of centralizing power to Baldur’s Gate – an initiative loudly criticized by Zidelle.

Security: The city is patrolled by the Red Shields, an organization that began as a private company concerned with caravan protection, but over time has become completely intertwined with the ruling structure of Scornubal. The Red Shields boast 140 guards, organized in three eight hour shifts of 40/50/50.

Trade: 15,000 gp limit on most transactions.

Recent Events: The city is still rebuilding from a recent attack orchestrated by local goblins. There weren’t very many of them, but they had wreaked havoc with a few Wand of Fireballs that they’d swiped from Leic’s workshop when they moved in. Rather than directly assaulting the town, they fired the wands from the woods a few kilometers away, until to their disgust, the wands ran out of charges.

The townspeople were obviously quite rattled, though the high alert they’ve been on for the last three weeks has faded as most seem willing to concede it as a natural phenomenon.


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